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Tour Our Feline Condos

Our Feline Condos

The Retreat offers cat condos in a cat-only room providing a quiet spa-like environment away from our canine guests. The cat room boasts natural light for comfort, Feliway pheromone diffusers for relaxation and catTV for entertainment. The condos consist of a living/sleeping area, a bathroom and a dining room. The living areas feature plexiglass walls to let in light and keep noise to a minimum as well as a shelf to give your cat maximum vertical space. We use clay litter for our cats, but we understand that cats can be persnickety about their litter. If you would rather we use your cat’s litter from home to be consistent, we are happy to do so. Each cat will receive a sheepskin blanket that will be laundered by housekeeping as needed. If your cat needs some extra space or will have a lengthy stay, please consider a suite, the cat castle or expanding your cat’s condo into a two condo suite.

Condo Options

Condo Suites

Our condo suites offer all the amenities of the feline condos plus double the living space. They are utilize both an upper level and a lower level and contain a window into the reception area for entertainment. These suites will accommodate two cats from the same family.

Cat Castle

The feline castle is a large two level accommodation. It is perfect for an active cat, a larger cat or two or three cats of the same family. It has four times as much space.

Feline Room Service Menu

Please inquire for pricing.


Your cat will enjoy time out in the cat room. Your cat will be able to explore the room, sleep on the cushioned chair and climb the cat tree to see outside. This is highly recommended for cats staying two or more nights.

Staff Time

Your cat will receive 30 minutes of time out with one of our guest services staff. If your cat likes to play, we will spend time playing with toys and doing cat puzzles. If your cat is one who would rather just sit and be petted, that is fine too.

Catnip Mouse

Cats love a new catnip toy! Your cat with receive a catnip mouse to enjoy while at The Retreat and after heading home.

KONG Treats

If your cat is food motivated, this is for you! Your pet will receive a KONG toy filled with treats to entertain the brain and tummy. *If you would like to purchase the KONG toy to take home, there is an additional $10 fee.


We would be happy to brush your cat while you are away. Please remember that this does not take the place of a regular groom, and we will not be able to remove matted hair. If your cat has mats, it is best to schedule a groom with The Barking Barbershop.


Let us professionally file your cat’s nails while you are away. It is recommended that you trim your pet’s nails once monthly. Doing this decreases the likelihood of painful broken toenails.

Bedtime Cookie and Tuck - Priceless!

No cat should go to sleep without being tucked into bed. As we check each cat and everyone gets settled in for the night, your pet will receive a special bedtime cookie. There is no charge for this service. If your pet has allergies or you would rather your cat did not receive a treat, please let us know.

Veterinary Services

We offer 24 hour/day veterinary care. We understand that there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Let us free up some of your time by scheduling your pet’s veterinary care while you are away. If your cat needs a dental cleaning, ear check, skin growth check or any other service, please let us know. We are happy to give an estimate for the services and get them scheduled for your pet.

Special Requests

Does your cat need something extra that you do not see on the menu? We are happy to provide additional services to keep your cat as comfortable as possible while you are away. Just ask.

Items from Cottonwood

If you need items from Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic such as medication refills, Frontline, pet food, etc., we are happy to get these for you at no additional charge. Please let us know what items you need, and we will have the items waiting for you at checkout.

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